The Square Root Pick

The Square Root Pick

Mixed Case of 15 Bottles

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Trust in Square Root.

This pick changes each month to highlight what we’re making, drinking and loving here at our Hackney Soda Works.

This season’s picks were chosen by Amanda, Alex and Ed.

Amanda's all about that Cola - it's spicy, tangy and tastes just like Kola Kubes only way better. Lusho!

Alex chose the Hop Tonic because he's been really enjoying the new and improved recipe and loves how much the flavour has developed.

Ed chose the Seville & Mandarin Soda because he's been dying to do a recipe with Sevilles in for ages - it's probably a testament to his really bitter character or something... Just kidding!


Box contains

5 x Cola (275ml)

5 x Hop Tonic (200ml)

5 x Seville & Mandarin Soda (275ml)