Mixed Case of Tonic
Mixed Case of Tonic

Mixed Case of Tonic

Mixed Case of 15 Bottles

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Our dream team duo of dry, elegant, Small Batch tonic waters, hand made at our Hackney Soda Works. Perfect for sipping, marvellous for mixing, and excellent as delicious aperitif.

Hop Tonic takes it's lead flavour from Citra and Columbus hops (natch), Sicilian lemon, and aromatic botanicals. It's light, refreshing and citric. The hops draw fresh fruity and juicy flavours from a wide range of spirits, and is ideal with juniper heavy & citrus lead spirits.

Infused with dramatic mineral flavours of wormwood, mugwort, and tarragon, Artemisia Tonic is also balanced with bright, fresh lime. A particular favourite of discerning chefs and barsmiths, this deeply flavoured and unusual tonic is woody and fruity, with a crisp finish.

Case contains 

8 x 200ml Hop Tonic
7 x 200ml Artemisia Tonic