Artemisia Tonic

Artemisia Tonic

Tonic Water

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Our unique, incredible wonder tonic, you won't find this anywhere else.

Infused with dramatic mineral flavours of wormwood, mugwort, and tarragon, Artemisia Tonic is also balanced with bright, fresh lime. A particular favourite of discerning chefs and barsmiths, this deeply flavoured and unusual tonic is woody and fruity, with a crisp finish.

Light anise on the nose, and the pronounced bitterness from Wormwood makes every sip extremely moreish. Great on it’s own as an aperitif to open up the taste buds, or try it with herbal gins such as ELLC No 2Jensens Old TomDodds Gin or a quality wheat vodka.

41 calories per 200ml Crown Cap bottle