The Square Root Pick
The Square Root Pick
The Square Root Pick
The Square Root Pick

Mixed Case of 15 Bottles

The Square Root Pick

Trust in Square Root.

This pick changes each month to highlight what we’re making, drinking and loving here at our Hackney Soda Works.

Stewed rhubarb and custard was a bit of a staple in our Pete's suburban Sydney household - thanks, Mum! Nostalgic feels aside, Pete declares our Rhubarb Soda is a "schtonking bevvie". He loves the progression of flavour and colour as the Rhubarb crop changes throughout the season: The sweet tang and vivid hot pink of early forced rhubarb - a Yorkshire speciality - then upping the green game as we move on to outdoor crops. It's a sharp, unique, and earthy and it's Pete's fave sweet treat!

Amanda loves sipping on a Citrus Crush and dreaming of a sunny stroll around the Sicilian citrus groves at the foot of volcano Mount Etna, where we get the top-notch Blood Oranges and Pink Grapefruits we use to make it. There's a fruity fire about this soda, it's a real celebration of full-on zest and brilliant, bright colour.

New guy Josh loves the warming sensation of sipping on a Ginger Beer, relishing the full flavour of the ginger coming through. He says it's perfect with his homemade pad thai, with all that spicy richness enhancing his delicious dinner experience.

Box contains

5 x Rhubarb Soda (275ml)

5 x Citrus Crush (275ml)

5 x Ginger Beer (275ml)

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